A Hump Day Poem:

One horse show last year, my regular ride was feeling better than usual.  It’s hard to complain when your horse feels good.  They work hard and should have a chance to play hard now and then.  I have a sense of humor and a very steady, well behaved horse.  He never bucks or plays and he’s as honest at the jumps as I am in my daily life.  I have mad respect for him, so instead of getting angry he felt playful on a show day I wrote him a poem instead.  That’s how we roll here on the acres.

Awesome in our morning school,
complacency made me a fool.
The playful head toss should have warned me,
My ride was considering trickery.
We made it over the first jump,
We landed with a mighty hump,
Down went his head, he kicked up with glee,
Not a bit of concern for me.
Round we went, an attempt to buck,
I sat there laughing, ‘WTF?’.
Up and down, I stayed tight,
I really didn’t want to fight…
The answer clear after my first course,
I must stop schooling on the grocery store horse.