Walkin in a Muddy Wonderland, A Holiday Poem

It’s not going to stop raining, there is no use in complaining

White Christmas is out, don’t bother to pout

We’re walkin in a Muddy wonderland.


Rain boots on, it’s time go out and let the horses stretch their legs out

One slipped and fell, it’s a horse owner’s hell

We’re sliding in a Muddy Wonderland


You’ns can shape an ornament from a mud ball,

Set them on the floor around the tree

You can make the best of it or shout out

I’m sick of mud so freeze it up for me


Playing fetch in the driveway, the scent of wet dog wafting my way

To get back inside, I must dry their hide

We’re tracking in the Muddy Wonderland.


Clean the house; companies coming.  What’s the point, the rain’s not stopping

I’ll let the dogs out to pee and like I never cleaned

We’re living in a Muddy Wonderland…


The dogs have turned a color I can’t name now,

The slide tracks in the yard will never fade

Hikies are suspended til it dries up,

I can’t believe the mess the rain has made


I know white Christmas is loved by many, but cleaning snow really kills me

I’m happy enough, though mud can be rough

I’ve come to grips with Muddy Wonderland…and I’m not clearing snow on Christmas Eve.


I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!   

The Management, Muddy Ass Acres