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The Family Files ~ A Birthday Oda to Master Yoda

All my life I heard the same

His advice was never lame

Assholes are everywhere, this is true

Learn to deal with them and you will get through.


Expensive hobby?  Work hard, finish school.

Depending on others just isn’t cool

A hard working person gets what they need

A girl who makes money, her horses she can feed



He raised me to be smart and strong

To handle my business and right my own wrongs

Of the strongest moral fiber he is made

Bad decisions he would always dissuade


Wake each day and do your best

When it’s done, get your rest

It starts again on the morrow

A busy girl has less time for sorrow


What you need you will always get

The rest, my dear, work hard or regret

Do not meddle in the lives of others

Happiness is not linked to another


He embraces brevity

And fills our days with levity

Dirty poems he sometimes pens

Surprising even me, now and then


No finer man will I ever know

No other man would insist that I grow

Brucest of Bruces, Master Yoda for sure

A future so bright, he helped me secure


You are one of a kind

Father of mine

I am thankful every day

For the sperm that didn’t get away.


I’m so very proud to be the child of a man who eats what he kills.

Love you, Don.