Monthly Archives: January 2016

Team Sweet Ass

No one ever mentioned it

No one ever said

If you want to do it on your own

You’re fucked in the head


Most days it’s almost easy

Most days I’m not concerned

Then comes snowmaggedon

Boy do I get learned


The cold white suck of winter

Blowing at my door

Mother Nature piling up

She’s a dirty whore


Drifting all around the acres

One foot, two feet, three feet, four

And the weatherman without delay

Reminds us there is more


Every time it happens

I feel smarter than the last

Why is it so easy

To glorify the past?


I’ll limp to the liquor cabinet

I’ll have a nice strong drink

I’ll question all my choices

I’m standing on the brink


Opening gates and running away

Seems like the thing to do

But I’m not going anywhere

Until the plows come through


So I’ll keep on going

And know this too shall pass

I’m tougher than some boy band snow storm

I am Team Sweet Ass