Monthly Archives: November 2014

Game on, Game off

Deciding to disassemble your pool table which has not hosted a game in over a year:  Weeks of consideration

Disassembling your pool table:  3 hours, patience and one great friend.  Two more great friends to relocate the slate.

Realizing you already own enough furniture to appropriately fill the resulting empty space without making a single purchase and it’s been cluttering up other rooms all this time:  Fucking awesome and maybe a little sad because….

Refusing to admit this endeavor was only possible because you precariously prance along the fine line between saving and hoarding and you must learn to let the phrase ‘but that was moms’ leave your reasoning when choosing what to keep:  Just look at all the stuff I’ll be making better use of now!

To hoard or not to hoard, that is the question.