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Happy New Year From The Farm…..

2013 – Not my best, nor my worst year.  This year has tested my patience and abilities at a time I was certain both were slipping.  I’ve learned more this year about others and myself than all my years preceding this one.  This year I had to accept failure (more than once), find more faith in myself than I have ever needed, and I’ve had to rely on others for more than just the commonplace friendship needs we all experience now and then. 

Here’s what I know. 

I know nothing will clear your head quicker than a fast horse and an open field with no holes. 

I know at the end of every day I am simply trying my best like most everyone else. 

I know who will still be there when I need them, and…

I know who will walk away. 

I know who is more interested by my failure than my success.

I know exactly what I bring to the table, baggage included.

I know my faith in my ability is valid.  I’m amazing in so many ways.

I know bad shit happens to everyone. 

Even the things you think you have covered can go south faster than migrating birds.  Don’t judge others too harshly, we all make bad decisions.  It’s not relevant how you got where you are; what matters is how you choose to move forward. 

I know people like to talk about other people and it never leads to anything positive. 
I know our world is changing and I don’t like where it’s headed.

I know I need to quit smoking.

I know there is more change ahead for me; change that I won’t expect and I won’t be able to anticipate. 

I know I’ll work it out. 

I’d love to have a list of cool improvements I plan to make, resolutions for the New Year ahead.  I’d love to say I’m getting in an exercise program, eating better, ditching the cigs, etc.  I’m going to aim a little lower this year. 

I’m going try hard to stay as amazing as I already am. 

I’m going to try to be a little better every day. 

I will continue to find humor anywhere it may be hiding. 

When I fail at any of these, I will wake up the next day ready to try harder. 

I hope 2014 is filled with all the magic and good times you deserve. 

I hope you get all you need and enough of what you want.

I hope you smile more than you cry.

I hope you are wise enough to keep what you love close by, forever can be a long time or no time at all. 

Happy New Year!

Tired Ass Acres ~ The Chore Files

I decided to get a round bale out before the farm turns into Muddy Ass Acres. Tonight was my window of opportunity before the weather warms up.

My round bales are stacked on their sides, two high;  the top bales rest in the grooves between the bottoms. I could only get to a bottom bale. I decided to check the feeder to be sure it wasn’t frozen in the ground before getting started, since getting a bale out would be tricky. 

Guess what?

The feeder was frozen in the ground. Only one side was stuck, so I pushed and pulled for a bit and broke it loose. Now I have to put a bale out.

The tractor won’t start and I can’t find the trickle charger. All the long extension cords are heating water troughs. I’m not ducking the jump start.

I take the truck down, completely forgetting how difficult the battery is to reach with my short cables. And back I go to get the car.

Getting to the tractor battery is like playing Adult Operation, so glad I don’t go right for the cocktails when I get home.

Got it started and I notice the front right tire is almost flat, so I get the compressor and inflate that. I checked the other front tire. Rear tires looked good.

Of course…

As soon as I lift a bottom bale and pull it out, the rear tire goes flat. I’m so glad I left the compressor out. It may sit there through the Spring.

The horses have hay and I don’t have to drag square bales out there the rest of the week when the snow starts to melt, but it required more work than usual.

It’s always something, and sometimes it’s a few things. I was hungry, cold and seriously aggravated by the poor timing of the challenge, but I never once got mad. I’m learning.

The Cell Phone Health Care Survey. One reason what’s going on with health care sucks.

Me *answers unknown NY number thinking maybe it’s a friend*

It’s not a friend at all, CareFirst BCBS taking a survey. *wa wa wa*

Me: ok sure (the surprise cheesesteak had me in a really good mood, it really is the little things)

Dude: Do you currently have health insurance through Carefirst?

Me: Not any longer, I had an individual policy with Carefirst for a couple months in the summer and I am now insured through my employer.

Dude: Have you ever had a policy with Carefirst?

Me: Um, yes. *he’s slow on the upswing*

Dude: How long ago would you say that was?

Me: Round about June or July, I flushed the exact date.

Dude: So five months ago would you say?

Me: I do NO math after 8pm. *snickers*

Dude: Um, ok. Was your previous policy(with Carefirst) obtained via which one of the following:
Your previous employer
Your spouses previous employer
Your cobra plan
Your spouses cobra plan
Purchased through a union
Purchased through government website
An individual policy

Me: Dude, I just told you it was an individual policy.

Dude: I know, I still have to ask.

Me: That sucks.

Dude: *uncomfortable laughter* Are you currently insured?

Me: Really?

Dude: I have to ask.

Me: Yes. *sigh*

Dude: How did you enroll for the policy you currently have? And let me read all the options before you answer please.
Your previous employer
Your spouses previous employer
Your cobra plan
Your spouses cobra plan
Purchased through a union
Purchased through government website
An individual policy

Me: Is this a radio station? Am I on 98Rock? Through my employer ~spoken in announcer voice.

Dude: I have to ask and read you all the options. How did you apply for your new policy?
Government website
Directly from an insurance company
Through a third party website
Through a union
Through an insurance advisor.
Through your current employer

Me: Really??? Do I have to say it? *laughs**click*


I fully intended to stick it out, but I felt the next 30 minutes of my precious free time was better spent blogging about it.  I lost ten minutes of my life, it’s worth a rant.