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Je T’aime ~~~The I Hate People Files

My heart goes out to Paris today.

I see a lot of love and support on social media.  I also see finger pointing and blaming; the politicos scrambling to identify their angles and the people condemning them on both sides from both sides for different reasons.  Some people are crying foul in defense of the refugees radical extremists are using to cloak themselves from law enforcement and others are suggesting we abandon the lot to protect ourselves and our borders.

Radical extremists entering peaceful countries disguised as refugees seeking asylum pose a serious threat to the safety of ours and so many other countries.  The answer does not lie in complete exclusion, nor does it rest in overall acceptance.  There is some middle ground, some serious of solutions to best our chances, but we will remain at risk.  Letting everyone in unchecked would be dangerous, excluding everyone would be inhumane.

The best solutions to difficult situations can rarely be found in extremes.  Even if you’re not religious, take a break from choosing a side and say a prayer for Paris today.  It could have been us.  Check your “all or nothing” at the door when you find yourself on the acres.  As for me, well…

My heart goes out to Paris today.