Tired Ass Acres ~ The Chore Files

I decided to get a round bale out before the farm turns into Muddy Ass Acres. Tonight was my window of opportunity before the weather warms up.

My round bales are stacked on their sides, two high;  the top bales rest in the grooves between the bottoms. I could only get to a bottom bale. I decided to check the feeder to be sure it wasn’t frozen in the ground before getting started, since getting a bale out would be tricky. 

Guess what?

The feeder was frozen in the ground. Only one side was stuck, so I pushed and pulled for a bit and broke it loose. Now I have to put a bale out.

The tractor won’t start and I can’t find the trickle charger. All the long extension cords are heating water troughs. I’m not ducking the jump start.

I take the truck down, completely forgetting how difficult the battery is to reach with my short cables. And back I go to get the car.

Getting to the tractor battery is like playing Adult Operation, so glad I don’t go right for the cocktails when I get home.

Got it started and I notice the front right tire is almost flat, so I get the compressor and inflate that. I checked the other front tire. Rear tires looked good.

Of course…

As soon as I lift a bottom bale and pull it out, the rear tire goes flat. I’m so glad I left the compressor out. It may sit there through the Spring.

The horses have hay and I don’t have to drag square bales out there the rest of the week when the snow starts to melt, but it required more work than usual.

It’s always something, and sometimes it’s a few things. I was hungry, cold and seriously aggravated by the poor timing of the challenge, but I never once got mad. I’m learning.