A New Year’s Poem


But Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass


Scene after scene

Finds me much as last year

And one thing is clear


Here on the acres

There are no breakers

Things will keep breaking

My bones will keep aching


Problems will come and problems will go

Old ones, stale ones, those I’ve yet to know

Mostly my good times balance the bad

And my days of happiness outweigh my sad


As another year sets in quiet repose

I’ll call up the good times, think only of those

Clean out my closets and start the New Year

Overflowing with happiness, love and good cheer


As it happens, I manage, although sometimes it’s tough

I suppose that I’m lucky, just lucky enough

The house is half clean, the toilet still leaks

But my friends won’t care, I hang out with freaks


So 2015,

Wipe our slates clean

And no more stray cats

I can drink to that.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!


The Management, Broke Ass Acres